James Pitts, D.C.

Pitts 147x218 James Pitts, D.C.
  • Board Certified in Physiotherapy since 2007

Dr. Pitts’ first chiropractic patient was his mother when he was a mere third grader. Although he doesn’t recommend others do so without proper training, he used to follow her instructions to “pop” her back when he was growing up. Luckily he was a natural and has been helping patients eliminate pain from their lives since 2007!

Dr. Pitts earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas, focusing on both communications and science. After graduating and being unfulfilled with a career in sales, Dr. Pitts returned to school to pursue his true calling of helping people through chiropractic medicine. It provides a perfect environment to use the communication skills he learned to truly connect with his patients, uncover their needs, and work with them to provide treatment that addresses both their pain and its underlying cause.

Dr. Pitts earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2007 from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX, a school known for its academic excellence and for graduating the most skilled chiropractors in the profession. He then began his chiropractic career in South Texas, directing the Physical Medicine department of a medical practice.

Dr. Pitts offers MaxHealth patients convenient access to rehabilitation and manual therapy services. Because of the onsite location of the Physical Medicine Department, Dr. Pitts is able to work closely with the MaxHealth providers in caring for the needs of our patients. Dr. Pitts specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues, such as back, neck and extremity pain; strains; tears; sciatica; carpal tunnel; migraines; herniated/bulging discs; and tendonitis. Patients see exceptional results through a combination of techniques he uses including stretching, exercise and specific deep tissue techniques. He also works with patients who suffer from vertigo through balance rehabilitation.

Outside the office, Dr. Pitts enjoys traveling; working out; playing tennis and golf; attending Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars games; and spending time with family and friends.