Kelly Gonzales, PA-C

Kelly 147x218 Kelly Gonzales, PA C
  • Certified Physician’s Assistant since 2000
  • Passions and specialties: Brain and mental health, Women’s health, Adolescent issues

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin, P.A. Gonzales began her career as a financial analyst at a large oil company in Houston, Texas. But after a close relative developed breast cancer, she began volunteering at MD Anderson and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As she became more active in these organizations, she developed an interest in a medical career and began the preparatory work towards earning a Physician’s Assistant degree. In 2000, P.A. Gonzales graduated from the University of North Texas Health Science Center as a Physician’s Assistant and began practicing in an urgent care setting. In 2003, she moved into Family Medicine and joined MaxHealth in order to be able to develop relationships with her patients and address their overall health needs.

P.A. Gonzales brings significant primary care and brain health experience to both her MaxHealth and Acuity Brain Center patients. In addition to addressing her patients’ primary care needs, she specializes in treating brain-related conditions and helping patients discover opportunities for mental growth and improved brain performance. This allows her to take a “whole patient” approach that considers the physical, emotional and mental aspects of one’s health. Her passion is to partner with her patients to coach, support and provide them with the tools and information needed to make lifelong lifestyle choices and attain their wellness goals, while navigating the competing priorities of family, work, school, exercise and social relationships. Because of P.A. Gonzales’s success in this mission, local and regional providers refer patients to her for evaluation and treatment.

P.A. Gonzales spends her personal time enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle with her children, Rocco and Lucas, family, and friends. She loves traveling, exercising, and living each day with a “work hard, play hard” attitude.