Kristopher Vigus

Kris 147x218 Kristopher Vigus
  • President, MaxFitness
  • Edge Certified Personal Trainer since 2001
  • National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer since 2009

Kris became interested in health and fitness in high school, and they became his passion in college at the University of North Texas. Kris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and minor in Health Promotion in 2002 while playing football and training other UNT athletes. Following graduation, he trained high school athletes for the college level and college athletes for the pro level.

Over the last decade, Kris has trained both individuals and teams, and uses a results-driven approach to training. In addition to training hundreds of people to reach their varying fitness goals, he has personally transformed his own body and fitness level multiple times – from football to fitness modeling to bodybuilding and everything in between. Therefore, he knows what it takes to get the results his clients are seeking, understands the challenges they face in achieving them, and is passionate about enabling their success.

Kris has always been dedicated to continuously increasing his fitness and health knowledge in order to offer more to his clients and to achieve his own personal fitness goals. As a result of their common quest to improve the services they offer and the outcomes their clients and patients achieve, Kris and Dr. Bullard partnered to form MaxFitness.

At MaxFitness, patients and clients can experience a uniquely comprehensive health and fitness facility. MaxFitness trainers work directly with MaxHealth providers to make sure each patient’s needs are met from a medical perspective, and this additional insight allows them to provide a more individualized training program for clients to address their health and fitness goals. Kris has never been happier with his career, and truly loves the satisfaction he gets from helping people change their lives for the better.

In his spare time, Kris enjoys working out, Mixed Martial Arts training, spending time with his wife, and playing the guitar.