Molly Bullard

Molly1v2sm 147x218 Molly Bullard
  • Co-owner, MaxHealth, Acuity Brain Center, MaxFitness
  • Weight Loss Program Coordinator

Molly has been an exercise enthusiast and interested in health and fitness since she was a teen. While attending college at the University of Wyoming, she met Dr. Bullard; the two married in 1989. Days later, they moved to Nebraska where Dr. Bullard attended medical school. Molly earned her Bachelor of Science degree, with a focus on Organizational Communication, from the University of Nebraska in 1991. In 1998, they founded MaxHealth.

In addition to running the administrative side of MaxHealth, Molly has been instrumental in creating programs onsite at MaxHealth to help patients with some of their challenges to reaching their optimum health. She initiated the counseling, weight loss and nutrition programs and co-leads the hCG support group. Molly has received training in behavior modification and has significant experience as a motivator, educator and support person for those wanting to change unwanted habits. She has experience with eating disorders; body image issues; weight loss; depression; and balancing career, family and marriage.

Although she enjoys all aspects of running a medical practice, her passion is helping and supporting others on their quest to permanently change their eating and behavior patterns to achieve their Maximum Health. She is friendly, approachable and speaks from experience.

In her personal time, Molly enjoys staying active with her husband Jeff and their two sons.