IMG 20130919 164641 023 225x300 FitnessRecognizing many of our patients currently deal with or are trying to avoid chronic conditions that are effectively managed through exercise and nutrition, we formed MaxFitness, an onsite gym at MaxHealth. We brought together a team of experts and constructed programs to provide hands-on care, education and support. Our team of certified personal trainers and dietetic technician work with your primary care provider to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Our MaxFitness team also offers the following services:

  • Doctor and/or personal trainer-supervised training to help you achieve personal fitness goals or restore you to health and function after an injury
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Heart Rate Variability Training
  • Medically supervised team approach to long-term injury prevention


Please call us to learn more about these services.

Call Us: 817.422.2595

Learn more about MaxFitness by watching the video.