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Dr. Moorhead: Fort Worth Magazine Top Doctor winner

Dr. Moorhead was honored as a 2018 Forth Worth Magazine Top Doctors pick for Tarrant County. Congratulations Dr. Moorhead!


Dr. Clearfield: 360 West Top Doctor winner

Dr. Clearfield was selected as a Top Doctor by 360 West Magazine for Sports Medicine.  Congratulations Dr. Clearfield!


Dr. Bullard: Fort Worth Magazine Top Doctor winner

Dr. Bullard was honored as a 2018 Forth Worth Magazine Top Doctors pick for Tarrant County.  Congratulations Dr. Bullard!


We are pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW Patient Portal!

The “YourHealthFile” Patient Portal is an interactive tool for patients. It provides 24/7 access to your health records. Through the portal you can update your health information, check-in for appointments, see office visit notes, review patient education from your provider, request medication refills, view lab, diagnostic and office test results, maintain your demographic and insurance information, make online payments, communicate with our providers and staff through secure messaging and so much more! See the complete list below.

To access your portal, please contact our office at 817-355-8000 or see a member of our staff today! We will ask you to provide your preferred e-mail address and easy instructions will be e-mailed to you. Using the same e-mail, you can request to set up access for each family member. The portal will also let you set up access to other family member’s health records. For information, please see a member of our staff.

  • Patient Account
    • Charges
    • Statement/Payment History
      Patient Information/Insurance/Credit Cards
    • Account Settings
    • Additional Account Access
    • Audit Log
  • Patient Appointments
    • Upcoming Appointments
    • Request Appointments
  • Documents
    • Patient Documents (i.e. HIPAA, Financial, any other documents attached to the chart)
  • Health Maintenance
    • Health Maintenance
    • Health Logs
  • Contact Us
    • Office Address & Numbers
    • Map
  • Review Medical Record
    • Patient Summary
    • Allergies
    • Immunizations
    • Medical History
    • Medications
    • Office Visits
    • Orders (i.e. Lab, Radiology, Consults (referrals) & Office Test (strep, UA, etc.))
    • Problem List
    • Social History
  • Message a Doctor
    • Send messages to our Providers & their Medical Staff or the Office.
      • Medical Questions
      • Lab/Test Results Question
      • Scheduling Question
      • Medication Question
      • Referral Question
      • Billing Question
      • Other Question


How can I access the portal website?

You can use the link on our website ( or simply type in the URL address ( into your browser.

When will my lab results appear on the portal?

In most cases, within 7-10 business days.

When can I see patient education?


When can I see office visit notes?

Within 3 business days.

When will my diagnostic results appear on the portal?

In most cases, within 3 business day from the date received by the facility.

How long does it take to complete a refill request?

48-72 business hours.

How long does it take to get a response to my message?

Depending on the nature of the message, within 24 business hours.

How am I notified of a response?

The portal will send you an e-mail that you have a message on the portal.

How long does it take to get a response to an appointment request?

During business hours, within 30 minutes.

Will I receive confirmation an appointment has been scheduled?

Yes, once an appointment has been scheduled, you will receive an e-mail with the date, time and who you are scheduled to see. If you are unable to make this appointment, you will be instructed to contact the office. This can be done through the portal or by calling 817-355-8000


Reduced Physician Compensation and Other Trends in Primary Care, Featuring Dr. Bullard

January 22, 2013 – Primary care forms the backbone of the nation’s healthcare system, providing patients with information about preventive and self-care strategies and ideally coordinating care with specialists and other providers. Yet as 32 million more Americans prepare to join the ranks of the insured, the country not only lacks sufficient numbers of primary-care physicians, but medical students increasingly are choosing to specialize.

Their decisions may have to do with income and earnings potential, along with increasing bureaucracy and other changes in healthcare delivery.

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Caring for Chronic Conditions in Primary Care, by Dr. Bullard

With the Patient Protec­tion and Affordable Care Act now underway, more attention is being focused on patient-centered and coordinated care. As a result, primary care physicians (PCPs) are seeking new ways to organize care around patients. This includes providing in-office services that meet all of patients’ healthcare needs and/or taking responsibility for appropriate referrals.

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Healthcare Finance News: Providers Prep for New Model of Care, featuring Dr. Bullard

Like it or not, a new healthcare landscape is taking shape that runs counter to just about every convention the industry has ever known.

Instead of furnishing services and automatically getting paid, providers must demonstrate their value through outcomes. Rather than being hospital-centric, healthcare must be shared by a network of post-acute care providers. It is a different mindset that the industry is trying to come to grips with, experts say.

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Jeffrey Bullard, MD profiled on TopDocs of DFW


John Moorhead, MD profiled on TopDocs of DFW 

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