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MaxHealth Family Medicine was established in 1998 by Dr. Jeffrey Bullard with a simple practice philosophy: our patients must know that their health care, their success in achieving their health goals, their time, and their comfort are of primary importance to us. The best way for us to demonstrate this has always been to provide innovative and cutting edge medical care, offer it in a patient-friendly environment, and invest in the technology and resources needed to support both our services and our patient experience.


Innovative “Whole Patient” Care

All of the providers at MaxHealth share a common passion for helping people live better lives and maintain or regain good health.  It’s not enough for us to treat your healthcare issues as they arise; we prefer to help you prevent them altogether.  And we regularly look for ways to respond to your needs and provide you with every opportunity for wellness. For example:

  • In 2007, in an effort to assist patients with some frustrating and often debilitating conditions, Dr. Bullard develop an onsite brain center, now known as Acuity Brain Center (ABC).  ABC is dedicated to evaluating and treating patients who suffer from brain-related issues like ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, Asperger’s, memory problems, conduct disorder, visual and auditory processing problems, substance abuse, PTSD and learning difficulties.
  • Recognizing many of our patients currently deal with, or are trying to avoid, chronic conditions that are effectively managed through exercise and nutrition, we formed the MaxFitness Gym. We brought together a team of experts and constructed programs to provide hands-on care, education and support.  Our team of certified personal trainers and dietetic technician work with your provider to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Since 2010, Dr. Moorhead has developed expertise at diagnosing and treating both female and male hormone deficiencies through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  These therapies not only reduce the risk of major health issues like heart disease and some cancers in women, but also address many quality of life issues patients face when their hormone levels are imbalanced.


Patient-Friendly Service Model

We’re here when you need us!  MaxHealth was established with our patients’ needs in mind.  Pioneers in the ‘open access’ model of care, we have always offered scheduled appointments, same-day appointments, and acute care walk-in appointments six days a week (see hours below).  Most importantly, we respect your time and strive to stay on schedule every day.


Enabling Technology

We have always considered appropriate medical and office support technology an important investment to provide the best patient care and service level possible.  In fact, when we opened in 1998, MaxHealth was one of the first primary care practices in the country to have fully electronic medical records. We are also excited to be developing some additional software tools that will make it easier for you to access your own health records and share them with various health care providers.

On the medical side, we use leading diagnostic and treatment tools and equipment.  And in some cases, we create them.  For example, Assess MD, a cloud-based assessment tool, was developed by Dr. Bullard to better determine whether patients were suffering from various conditions. Since its creation, AssessMD has become a standard mental health evaluation tool utilized by providers across the US. Since leaving AssessMD, Dr. Bullard has turned his attention to creating tools designed to assist in the care of patients as we move into the next generation of healthcare. His most recent cloud-based app, Vault, is the first tool of its kind–a patient engagement tool–that allows patients to take assessments, track symptoms and follow their progress using their mobile device and then electronically share that information with their providers.

Simply put, our motivation to help you live the healthiest life you can and make that experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible is a part of everything we do at MaxHealth.  We promise to never lose sight of you!

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