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For many, allergies just seem to be a part of life. Many allergy sufferers even make changes in their daily life to accommodate their allergy symptoms. Do you find yourself limiting your time outside, waking up with a stuffy nose, or taking allergy medications frequently? You don’t have to!

At MaxHealth, we can work with you to diagnose the specific allergens affecting you and prescribe an individualized treatment plan to reduce or eliminate the symptoms and discomfort you experience.

Skin testing continues to be the most reliable method for diagnosing allergies. During this test, a tiny comb is gently applied to the skin surface along with specific allergens. The area is monitored for an allergic response and ready for immediate interpretation.

Your allergy treatment plan may include medications, various forms of therapy, and lifestyle changes. One popular treatment is immunotherapy. This treatment involves introducing increasing amounts of the allergen over several months in order to reduce and ideally eliminate the allergic reaction.

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