Weight Loss and Nutrition


For many, losing weight and maintaining that weight loss is a major challenge and a great barrier to obtaining Maximum Health and happiness. At MaxHealth, we can partner with you to address your weight loss goals. We understand that challenges with weight are complex, often involving medical factors, hormone imbalances, emotional issues, stress, lack of knowledge of nutrition and exercise, and lifestyle factors.

We begin by working with you to understand those factors that influence your ability to lose weight. Once identified, we create a program that combines a number of elements, along with the needed support, to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals.

But we don’t stop there. Losing weight is one thing, maintaining that weight loss is another all together. 95% of patients who lose weight will eventually regain it without the proper support and lifestyle changes. At MaxHealth, we have pulled together a team of experts to assist you with learning the skills needed to maintain long-term success. Our program resources include:

  • Weight loss medications (when appropriate) 
  • hCG (for approved patients) 
  • Body composition analysis to assist in determining weight loss needs and diet requirements (Utilizing the InBody analyzer) 
  • Personal training gym with certified personal trainers (MaxFitness) 
  • Diet requirements (Utilizing the InBody analyzer) 

Please call us to learn more about the nutrition and weight loss services we offer or to schedule an appointment.

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