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If you’re dealing with awful allergy symptoms, you’re not alone. Allergies have been on the rise worldwide for 50 years. Fortunately, you can identify and beat your allergies with the help of the caring experts at MaxHealth Family, Internal & Sports Medicine in Colleyville, Texas. We serve all surrounding cities including Euless and Keller, TX. Click the online scheduler or call the office to get allergy testing and treatment now.

Allergies Q & A

What are the most common allergies?

There are a number of common allergies, including environmental, food, and skin allergies.

  • Environmental: Pollen, pet dander, mold, smoke, dust mites, and more
  • Food: Peanuts, milk, other tree nuts, seafood, and more
  • Skin: Latex, eczema, hives, and more

Most allergy sufferers have allergies in just one group, with environmental allergies the most common. But some men, women, and children deal with allergies across several groups.

How does allergy testing work?

The most common method of allergy testing is a skin test. This screening can check for most common allergies, all at one time. For this test, your care provider creates a series of small skin pricks on your arm or back and then leaves a tiny amount of each suspected allergen at each prick site.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, your care provider checks each prick site. The areas where your skin grows inflamed and swollen indicate your allergens. If the results from this skin test aren’t clear, your care provider can do another, more extensive, test in which they inject the possible allergens further below your skin.

For serious allergic skin conditions — for example, eczema — you may need blood testing. Sometimes, blood testing is used to test patients who can’t take skin tests because their current medication interferes with skin testing results.

For food allergies, you may sometimes need to do an elimination diet, which systematically makes dietary changes to identify allergens. Alternatively, you may do an oral challenge in which you ingest very small amounts of suspected food allergens under medical supervision.

What is the best treatment for allergies?

Your MaxHealth Family, Internal & Sports Medicine care provider plans allergy treatment according to your symptoms and needs, as part of their collaboration with United Allergy Services (UAS).

Allergy immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is often highly effective for many common allergies. Daily or as-needed medication is another option for managing allergies.

If you have food allergies, dietary changes may be the only thing you need to feel better. But, if you have severe or life-threatening food allergies like peanut allergies, you may need injectable medication for emergencies as well.

Allergies are definitely difficult, but there’s no reason for you to suffer needlessly. Use the online scheduler or call MaxHealth Family, Internal & Sports Medicine to get allergy help today.